No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 24 starting to flag a bit ….

As i did yesterday once i’d had breakfast i was up and out walking the ‘girls’,  surprisingly it wasn’t as cold as it looked out but still very wet and muddy.  Our walk takes about 45mins across 2 – 3 fields, i try to walk at a brisk pace so i’m getting a little exercise too.

the view from my walk

Got home and had to shower Misha  as she had run head first into a very muddy puddle and came out wearing most of it.

I finished cleaning the last section of the cooker, hubbs had spent the last 2 days cleaning both ovens, the grill and the top hob leaving me just the pan storage, this took all of 15mins 🙂 the rest of the day i spent wondering what to do, slowly winding myself up into a right old stew !!  i real need to get out more, feeling very frustrated.   There must be more to life than cleaning and walking the dogs.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Porridge

Lunch :  A cup of slimming world soup with crackers

Tea :  A bowl of slimming world soup with a slice of bread and butter

Snacks : 2 chocolate coated rice cakes  ( i crave chocolate when in this mood 😦  )

Booze Craving :  7/10  two reasons why this is quiet high today.. 1. just because i’m in a really fed up mood & 2. because hubbs is all moody due to him not having a drink this evening either.  The best thing for me to do on an evening like this is to get off to bed as soon as i’ve had my hot chocolate.

I am now beginning to count down the days to when i can have a drink again….  this time next week hubbs is going to cook a lovely meal and i’m going to enjoy it with a bottle of wine.   After that i’m thinking i might just drink once a month and make a proper evening of it with meal and all, blogging perhaps just once a week on how i’m doing.


One thought on “31 day challenge … day 24 starting to flag a bit ….

  1. Aw. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Sorry your in a bad mood. I know how it feels to just be home and cook and clean and walk the doggie. Sometimes we need a good night out. I hope you get a night out soon


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