No booze challenge

31 day challenge …. day 20

Well what a lovely day 🙂 i slept in till 9am then was showered,  dressed and walking the ‘girls’ by 11am.

The weather was gorgeous but the ground was very muddy and slippy in places.  I met up with friends who have the brother to Tink ‘n’ Titch, it was lovely to see them all.  The route we took normally takes me  1hr and 20mins or so but today we must have been speed walking as it only took 50mins   🙂

The rest of my saturday was spent relaxing, hubbs cooked a very naughty tea of chicken and chips 🙂

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Porridge

Lunch :  misssed

Tea :  chicken and chips

Not a good day at all on the diet but i’m planning on doing some cooking tomorrow…..  Butternut squash and tomato curry  and  Mince and potato curry 🙂  Monday i’m going to make the famous Slimming world speed soup which is gorgeous and so filling.


Booze craving  :  4/10 purely because it saturday night and hubbs is having a drink.  Nope going to stick with my vimto and then finish the night with a chocolate options 🙂 cheers

That’s my 3rd saturday of my challenge nearly over i really can’t believe i’ve made it this far without a single drop of booze 🙂

such a graceful bird xx





3 thoughts on “31 day challenge …. day 20

  1. Such a beautiful picture!
    Congrats on all that you accomplished so far! Ya know if you been doing that walk since you started this challenge your body is probably picking up stamina and strength which is why you did the walk faster. When i first started my health thing it took me almost and hour and half to do the route i take. Then at the peak of my work out days it was own to 45 minutes. I’ve been on a hiatus from working out and i’m so scared when i go back to find out the time it takes me lol!


  2. Hi, I’m Tilda from over on Swift Expression. Thought I’d come and have a look at your blog since you were kind enough to participate in mine. 🙂 Stunning picture; I just love swans. And well done with the booze challenge! I haven’t read the history behind it yet, but I gave up all alcohol one year ago as of November. I quit just before Christmas last year (yes, a very strange time to quit!! LOL). First sober Christmas since … well since it was legal to drink!!

    But I quit because I got utterly fed up with the ever-worsening migraines that always followed. It got so bad to where even with one glass of wine, an hour later I’d be in agony. I tried everything – switching from red wine to white; drinking a litre of water with the wine; only drinking the expensive stuff, but nothing worked. Over the years the migraines got worse so that I sometimes cried with frustration.

    One evening last November I sat down in a restaurant and ordered one small 125ml glass of very good quality white wine. I drank it with a big bottle of water. As I drank it, I knew it may be the last alcohol that I would ever drink, because I was just going to wait to see how it affected me. Sure enough, an hour later my head was throbbing so badly that I was lying on the sofa at night with my sunglasses on. Sunglasses-indoors-at night. Even the light from the TV was too painful to look at. I haven’t had a drink since then. Sometimes I miss it, but then I just think about the headaches. It’s definitely not worth it. Good luck with your plans, whatever they may be! 🙂


    1. Well done for giving the booze up totally 🙂 Booze and i go back along way and a few times i’ve lost control a bit.
      As things are at the moment i’m planning a date night with hubbs on day 31 which will include some wine and then i think i go without for another month.


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