No booze challenge · Vegetable plot

31 day challenge … day 19

Feeling quite emotional today and pretty lonely 😦 flipping hormones …… my mood wasn’t helped by my weigh in result, i’ve gained a lb.

So pottered about the house until the sun had been out long enough to make it a bit warmer outside  then i hit the garden.

More to the point the vegetable plot …













That’s  all packed away now till next march when i’ll start again.  Although i did plant some Garlic, never done it before so we’ll see what happens 🙂

Between now and March there’s still lots to do, firstly a run to the skip to empty 4 bags of fast rotting rubbish,  the slabs we got from freecyle have to be cleaned and hopefully laid and the never-ending clearing of the rubbish pile nicely hidden behind where i stood to take the photos.  But what i did get done i’m happy with 🙂 felt today was a useful one.

Today’s menu

Breakfast  :  Porridge

Lunch  : Cheese and crackers with cuppa soup

Tea  :  New potatoes, sliced corned beef and sweetcorn

This evening pop to chip shop for my mum as she had a minor op today and wasn’t up to cooking mmmmmm them fish and chips smelt so good.


Booze craving  :  6/10   mmmm yes would really enjoy just 1 glass of red wine this evening it being friday …. but i’ll stick with my chocolate options.

Beginning to think about what i’m going to do after day 31 ……. don’t want to go back to drinking nearly every other night,  may have a nice meal with a bottle of red wine then try to go without until christmas  … we’ll see  🙂




2 thoughts on “31 day challenge … day 19

  1. What a lovely garden you have! Just looking at it feels peaceful. You know the hardest part of being on a diet for me is that everyone else around is not on one. I have to cook stuff I will not be eating, buy fast food for other people and just be around cabinets stocked with junk food. I think the no drinking thing is a good idea but after the challenge if you feel so inclined for a drink ..have one. Life is short. As long as its not an everyday thing. Maybe a weekend i survived the week celebration? Wine really isnt that bad for you anyway.. not alot of calories or fat.


    1. I love my garden, its far from relaxing as there is so much to do but yes its peaceful and a nice place to escape.
      Having 4 teenage kids and hubbs who all love their food i find myself cooking a lot of separate meals, i don’t mind as it makes a change from cooking something and chips 🙂


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