No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 18

Today was my chore day :-/  so i won’t bore you with the details

mmmmmm day 18 so now i have less of the challenge to do than what i’ve completed 🙂

Tomorrow is my 3rd weigh in day last 2 have been really good so finger crossed the 3rd will be too.

This coming weekend will also be the 3rd weekend without booze  🙂 and surprisingly i’ve not missed it at weekends.


Today’s menu

Breakfast : Bowl of porridge  (yummy)

Lunch :  Crackers and cheese triangles with cuppa soup 🙂

Tea :  Hubbs Stew

Snacks :  none today as i’ve felt full

Over the next week or 2 i really need to work on some recipes and cook up to freeze some meals, also must start drinking more water.

Booze craving :  0/10 and looking forward to my chocolate options

When i set myself this challenge i really didn’t think i would get this far without snapping, i know for sure that blogging about it daily has helped, so for those that read my blog i have you to thank for the support that has helped me to keep going 🙂

Thank you xx


2 thoughts on “31 day challenge … day 18

    1. On Oct 1st i decided to give up booze and stick to a healthy eating plan for 31 days… i got the idea from Stoptober but i don’t smoke so thought i’d give up something else i enjoyed.


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