31 day challenge … day 17

A very quiet uneventful day,  got woken in the very early hour (about 3am ish) by the ‘girls’ so just let them out to do what they needed to 🙂 then shut all 3 on the beds in the kitchen, then went back to bed and slept until 7.30am wow 🙂

The weather forecast was saying that this morning was the last dry spell until the weekend so i took advantage of hubbs being home and took the ‘girls’ for a quick walk around the race course.  Love this walk 🙂 but must invest in some good wellies as it seems like my kickers have sprung a leak :-/

When youngest son  came home from school today i took him aside and had a chat about where we go from here… he apologized and then we disused his up and coming revision scheduled for his mock exams.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Malted shreddies

Lunch :  cheese triangle with crackers and a chicken cuppa soup

Tea :  Chilli and rice

Snacks :  Fruit


Booze craving :  0/10  looking forward to my chocolate options

long gone but gave a gorgeous show

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