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31 day challenge … day 16

OMG OMG   what a start to the day ….. enough to drive anyone to drink for breakfast 😦

Started my day with the usual morning bark from the ‘girls’ needing to go out, this morning it was a little earlier than usual so i curled up on the sofa hoping for another 40winks… no luck :-/

Then 7.30am the rest of the house started to wake starting with my youngest son (15yrs)  as per usual he sat and said good  morning to the ‘girls’ before going for breakfast.  I just popped upstairs for a wash load as i hadn’t loaded the washing machine as i normally would, as i walked back into the kitchen i caught my son closing the draw where i kept my purse… when i asked him what he was doing he said he needed some money for something and an almighty row broke out and he stormed out the house threatening not to come back.

lol 10mins later he did come back for his breakfast and to brush his teeth then he stormed off again !!   As a punishment i banned him from gaming this evening and said if he didn’t return by 4pm he’d be banned for the rest of the week, he was home by 3.30pm as usual.

I’ve come to the conclusion we’re about to hit one of them stages, where all boundaries are pushed and have to be reinforced or reset, all because of them stupid things hormones…. he’s turning into a proper ‘Kevin’

Not a great start to the day as all the shouting and door slamming woke the rest of the house too.  I escaped out to the park with Tink ( the noisiest and most nervous pup) to add to the stress the park was full of workmen using every power  tool going 🙂  ….and hubbs did suggest i just went back to bed … perhaps i should have.

gorgeous colours

Happily the day did end on a bonus… step daughter is gagging for a big camera for christmas and is talking about pooling all her monies and buying a very expensive one, well whilst scanning the sale page on facebook i found someone selling such a camera  at a bargain price so i snapped it up.  So now,  as she is a 14yr very messy and unorganized girl, she has what she wants for a minimal cost and we won’t loose sleep worrying about how she’s  looking  after it.  Perfect solution.

So that was my day ……

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  2 slices of toast

Lunch :  Nothing

Tea :  Cous cous with slimming world Quiche

Snack :  Chewy bar


Booze craving :  2/10  luckily this craving reduced as the day went on

Half way through my challenge and i’ve had to face many situations that would normally send me running for the bottle opener and a huge glass, i may have slipped once  with my diet in the form of a hot chocolate but got it out my system and now back on the straight and narrow.  🙂 feels good.



One thought on “31 day challenge … day 16

  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog and choosing to follow! I appreciate the support! You have a lovely blog here yourself and I look forward to peeking around and following you as well. Your doggies are SUPER cute!

    I’m young (24) …so haven been through the teenage hormones fairly recently… i can assure it will pass. Best of luck on everything!


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