31 day challenge … day 15

Wow now into my 3rd week 🙂

After my very emotional premenstrual day yesterday, i tried to put a few of yesterdays thoughts into action.

Starting with the separation anxiety both i and the ‘girls’ have been suffering,  as of today i’ll be walking 1 dog every day then on the 3rd day walk them all.  I’m concentrating on walking  Tink ‘n’ Titch on the lead so path walking mainly, as they are useless on the leads and really need to ware their claws down.

So today i took all 3 dogs into the kitchen as i usually would, giving them a treat but before i left i picked up Titch.  Poor girl was so confused and started shaking, hubbs gave us a lift to the local park and she was that nervous she had 2 poo’s before we reached the gates.  Thankfully the park was fairly quiet, we did meet another pair of cavaliers, 1 of which just wanted to hump Titch which she wasn’t impressed with at all so we politely carried on our walk.

Boat house closed for winter
watching me all the time 🙂










We walked on-wards to the coffee shop where i indulged my premenstrual craving in a hot chocolate with the works.  I’ve been craving one for the last day or too so that’s been had and now i can get back onto my diet, hopefully there won’t be too much damage on friday.

medicinal hot chocolate


great place for a pit stop 🙂










When we got home we found both Misha and Tink had settled to sleep on their bed quite happily.  As eldest son was home i got him to let them out of the kitchen after they’d been settled for 10mins, when he opened the door they were both so comfy they stayed there.  So seems like they don’t get as stressed as i thought they did 🙂

Right back to why i’m here blogging







Today’s menu

Breakfast : 2 slices of toast

SIN :  Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream

Lunch :  crackers with cheese triangle and a chicken cuppa soup

Tea :  Savory rice with slimming world Quiche


Booze craving :  2/10  but shot up to 6/10 when youngest spoke about going to Bristol for an overnight stay to do work for his photography mock :-/ he’s only 15 and not the most responsible of boys …. so the answer had to be No. AAAAHHHHH kids !!







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