No booze challenge

31 day challenge …. day 14

Woke this morning to a slight frost which cleared quickly, the sun came out and the day warmed up nicely but as expected as soon as the sun went down the temperature dropped drastically.

Whilst it was warm and the sun was shine i took the opportunity to walk the ‘girls’ at our favorite weekend spot.  Well i think the rest of the world were out walking too, which for normal people walking their dogs would be quite pleasant.. not for me :-(.

Quick run down on my dogs ie ‘the girls’ .  I have 3 cavalier king charles spaniels,  Misha  is 5yrs ( the mother) and her daughters Titch ‘n’ Tinker bell   who are nearly 2yrs.  As a result of having litter sisters (who both have had health issues in their very short 2yrs)  they are both very highly strung, nervous and noisy when out walking.

So when out walking ideally its nice not to bump into too many people or other dogs as it stresses T ‘n’ T badly to the extent they scream, bark and jump up a me, clearly not enjoying the walk.  Today we did our usual route which normally takes a leisurely 1 1/2hrs, today we did the walk in just under an hour.

As well as the ‘girls’ being totally strung out, i’m very premenstrual so today’s walk  was not a pleasure and when i’d finally sat down i just burst into tears….  oh woe is me…. can’t do anything right ….. it’s all my fault … etc .. etc.

This is a dangerous situation to get into as i normally drown my sorrows in a bottle, but not today 🙂 chatted it all through with hubbs, came up with a few things to try, to make things  better, although the roast dinner piled with veg and chocolate pudding did go some way to helping too.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Malted shreddies

Lunch/ tea :  Healthy cooked roast dinner with chocolate pudding and ice cream

Snacks :  Fruit

Booze craving  6/10  being curbed slightly with chocolate which i can hopefully bring in check by next weigh in.

such a lovely walk … normally

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