No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 13

Today is my 2nd saturday of the challenge, saturday’s are normally for getting well and truly drunk so i wake sunday feeling very ill :-/

After a very late lie in thanks to my youngest who very kindly got up to see to the dogs, hubbs cooked my a lovely brunch and i set to work on clearing the garden ready for the winter.  I started on breaking down some old pallets while hubbs pulled up the green beans and sweetcorn (both were covered in spiders and i would have spent the time screaming).  When hubbs had finished he took over what i was doing and i re.arranged some second-hand slabs we have and moved one of the benches so i could move a table into a more sheltered area where i’ll try to over winter a few plants.

We were dampened by a few light showers but then the rain set in to stay so ended our time in the garden.  Surprising what you can get done in just a few hours.

So here we go

Today’s menu

Brunch :  Cheese, ham and mushroom omelette

Tea : Vegetable soup with 2 slices of crusty bread and butter

Snacks :  fruit

Booze craving : 4 /10  purely because its saturday night and i would have normally looked up on it as a reward for working in the garden

home produce at its best

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