No booze challenge

31 day Challenge …. day 9 (sorry may include a slight rant)

Omg omg could i do with a drink this evening  😦 feeling very very fed up and confused with a touch of angry.

On the whole the day went well, sold a few more bits including 2 sets of lego on e.bay,  getting much more than i’d have thought they would go for, a great bonus to add to the christmas fund.

The ongoing saga of double standards with my kids verses step kids.  OK so my son text-ed me asking for a lift home from school after he’d finished the maths after school club, there was no reason why he couldn’t walk home so i replied no.  10mins later step daughter text-ed hubbs asking to be picked up from the park, before he replied i mentioned i’d just said no to my son so he reluctantly said no to his daughter.  He then went on how my son only wanted a lift so he could get home quicker to game aahhhhh !!!  I just let it go.

Tea passed without any problems so was looking forward to settling down for a quiet evening.  Then my eldest son asked for a chat …..

all sorts went through my mind…. girlfriend pregnant?? moving out??

phew he then went on to explain he was struggling at college and felt he needed to change from studying his 3 A’levels to a more manageable course in computer GAMING  :-/ and development.  Well i have no idea what career prospects there are after doing such a course and would prefer he did something more in web design or something.  After both of us listening to each others idea’s we agreed to both go off to do some research and chat again soon.  I agree if he feels he’s not going to be able to keep up his grades in the A’levels then a move is a good idea but to what ???

Later i tried to chat to hubbs about it but just picked up on that word ‘GAMING’ so go no where.

Anyway back to what i’m here for 🙂 me.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Branflakes

Lunch :   Crackers and cheese triangles with a  chicken cuppa soup

Tea :  Tuna, pasta, sweetcorn and salad

Snacks :  fruit and a rice cake thinly coated in chocolate (87 calories)

Booze Craving  :   9/10  (reasons explained above)  hubbs had his usual tipple but i didn’t crack    🙂

they keep me sane

3 thoughts on “31 day Challenge …. day 9 (sorry may include a slight rant)

      1. A good way to do it is to cobble together interesting bits you’ve already written in other posts.


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