No booze challenge

31 day challenge … Day 7

Yayyy i’ve done 7 days ……   a  whole week 🙂

Today has been brilliant, slept in till 8am then had a few hours peace and quiet curled up on the sofa with the dogs whilst watching catch up tv.  As a bonus also watched as 2 items i was selling on e.bay went for a better amount than i thought.

By 11am the sun was out and it was starting to warm up so got myself and the dogs ready for a walk up Crickley hill, our favorite place to walk the dogs, hubbs was still unwell so i left him to make a start on dinner.

The walk started really well when a car that was leaving flagged me down and gave me his car park ticket, how nice are some strangers.  The hill was quite busy with families enjoying the warm sunny weather, which is nice to see but tends to make Tink ‘n’ Titch ultra nervous and extra noisy so i tend to stick to the outter more quieter paths.

Freshly harvested field

The walk took just over an hour and we were all ready to get back in the car and head home.  As expected the roads were busy too and as i pulled up at one of the last roundabouts before reaching home my day was spoilt.  Coming around in front of my was my Ex (of 10yrs) and his girlfriend.   For the last 10yrs when they are together and see me, they make a point of mouthing something or giggling, being totally childish really, well up until today i’ve  ignored it and never responded in away (rather not lower myself )  but today i’m really sorry to say i reacted …… i stuck my middle finger up at her :-/  Now this may turn out to have been a really silly thing to do as i may of  started her off again,  but to see the shock on her face was absolutely priceless and the fact she tried to do the same back but by then had driven past me.  It made my day  🙂

So right back to what i’m meant to be doing…

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Branflakes

Dinner :  Traditional sunday roast with a pile of vegetables followed by my first treat in a week some fruit crumble and ice cream

Snacks :  melon mix

So all in all a good weekend i think 🙂

Booze craving :  0/10  not interested in booze at all this evening.  Looking forward to waking up on monday morning with a clear head.

a lovely walk

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