No booze challenge

31 day challenge …. day 5

Up and out early this morning as Friday is my outside chore day, which means a trip into town and today it included a visit to the dentist :-/

Woke full of positivity again which i lacked a bit yesterday but got it back 🙂  oh and my mood was helped loads when i stood on the Wii to be weighed … i’ve lost 2lb 🙂 which makes 4lb in 3wks so very pleased with that.

On a side note i now have £12 put away from not having had a drink 🙂

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  2 slices of toast with a cuppa ( actually only ate 1 1/2 as the ‘girls helped me)

Lunch :  Chicken flavored cuppa soup with a slice of bread

Tea : Some left over pasta mix from yesterday with salad and crackers

Snack :  chopped melon

Feeling really good about how things are going, pleasantly surprised at how i’m not craving a glass of wine this evening the weight loss has really turned things around.

Booze craving   3/10 and that’s purely because its friday night.

One of the nicest buildings in town

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