Being a step mum

Beware this is a Rant ……i apologize now….

For more than 10yrs now i’ve been step mum to hubbs son + daughter, i’ve helped care for them, feed them, clothe them, even home them while their mother has a honeymoon and several holidays.  I’ve helped taxi  them where they and when they need to be somewhere, showed interest in their education by attending  parents evenings and school opening evenings.  I’ve put things i wanted to do aside to free up time for them……

And STILL my opinion is classed as interfering as though its none of my business….

This has come to light more recently when step daughter has been complaining of pain in her joints, she’s had blood tests and been referred to hospital  physio which she attended regularly for 3mths.   I feel both her and her mother have been worried it was rheumatoid arthritis which hubbs has, the blood test have all come back negative.  So her pain is being put down to ‘growing pains’ and poor posture, she is after all a 14yr old hormonal young girl who hates any form of exercise and does nothing but slump in front of the TV  or laptop.

On her last appointment with GP he referred her to the specialist at the hospital, this appointment was yesterday.  Hubbs collected her from school and went off to the hospital, it soon came to light her ‘mother’ was to busy to attend the appointment too and hadn’t thought to give her daughter the hospital letter telling them where to go and who they were seeing.  Anyway as usual it was none of my business so i just dropped hubbs and step daughter at the hospital (as parking is horrendous)  and returned home.

2hrs later hubbs came home after walking daughter home… hospital Dr’s agree she does not have anything more serious than growing pains but they would look into getting her some better pain relief as somewhere along the line she has become allergic to brufen and to think of all the times i gave her medication containing brufen as a toddler :-/

I knew when i met hubbs he had children and accepted them as did he accept my 2 boys as a package, we’ve had lots of good times as well as bad. I don’t want to take over their care but would like my opinion, experience and involvement to count for something, seeing as between me, hubbs, his EX spouse and her new boyfriend i’m the only one that has had a little medical training in the form of  qualifying as a nurse and caring for sick children for 4yrs before having my own 2 boys.

”climbs down off soap box”

rant over …….

thank you for listening xx

Feel the need to end blog with something nice.

my favorite place to escape to when things get too much

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