No booze challenge

31 Stoptober with a difference .. Day 3

Another brilliant day feeling so much better in the mornings waking with a clear head 🙂

On the menu today ..

Breakfast : 1 dippy egg with a slice of toast  (thanks to hubbs)

Lunch :  My homemade soup – Butternut squash + carrots with a dash of curry powder to give it some bite with a bread roll

Tea :  Finished off my soup and had a baked potato with cheese triangle and baked beans

Snacks :  craving something sweet so got a prepared melon salad from the shop, i’ve picked on that all day

Again a busy day pottering and sorting out old toys, walked the dogs for about 45mins between the showers :-/across the race course.

Booze craving :   2/10  would enjoy a glass of wine if offered but happy with my fizzy pop.  I’ve also decided every time hubbs has a drink and i don’t i’ll put £4 away in a pot and see what i end up with at the end of my challenge.

Enjoying some fresh air

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