No booze challenge

31 day Stoptober with a difference .. Day 1 & 2

Day 1

A little  late really but only decided to do challenge very late on in the evening on day 1 ( 1st of stoptober )

Food wise that went really well, I had toast for breakfast,  lunch I made some butternut squash + carrot soup (nice but missing something) then for tea I had the famous slimming world Quiche made with tuna and a huge side salad.  So not bad at all, very filling although the soup wasn’t quite right I think I’ll add a little curry powder to give it some bite.

Then came the dreaded 7pm…. normally the time we sit down with our drinks  😦  Hubbs was already in a quiet mood as he too was going without a drink so we both sat in silence and watched TV, early night it was for me.

Day 2

Today I’ve been full of positive vibes after a good nights sleep (despite the dogs getting me up at 5am) and making the decision to start my personal challenge, i was feeling good.

Right what was on the menu.. not a lot as we’re due to do a food shop.  So toast it was for breakfast, for lunch i had a pasta ‘n’ sauce and for tea some more quiche and salad,  :-/ really need to do a food shop and dig through all my back copies of slimming world magazine.

The evening and the drinking hour actually came and went really quickly due to a de.cluttering and fund-raising drive we doing i was busy sorting lego.  After tea and the dishes were done we popped to the shop for hubbs booze and just in case i felt i was missing out i brought a bottle of fruity Fanta.  It’s now 10.20pm and not thought about needing a drink.

I’ve  made it past the wicked drinking hour of day 2 without a problem, hopefully by keeping busy,  the rest of the week will fly by too, the weekend will be a different matter altogether 😦

yummy quiche…. but not again this week :-/

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