No booze challenge

31 day self challenge…

I’ve been thinking about blogging on a more regular basis for a while now, in what form I’m still unsure.  I have a few idea’s for regular weekly blogs but not finalized them yet.

For now I want to set myself a personal challenge and I figured blogging about it helps reinforce it some how. On the TV they are running a campaign called Stoptober which is to help encourage people to give up smoking, well I don’t smoke but with a healthier way of life in mind I thought I’d adjust it to my vice’s.

My biggest vice is the wicked booze…. mostly wine, i find nothing more relaxing than putting my feet up at the end of the day and enjoying a glass of wine but then well the bottles open and before you know it its all gone.  So yes that’s going to be one part of my 31 day challenge, this I hope will in turn help with the others.

The second challenge is to stick to a more healthy eating routine, I normally follow slimming world but after so many years of continual  yo yo dieting  I know whats good for me and what isn’t.   To help stop boredom setting in I want to try to introduce at least 1 new menu each week that will add a little variety.

I plan to blog daily on how things are going but if I run out of time at the end of each day i may end up doing a few days at a time not sure how or when I’ll fit the blogging into my daily routine.

see you in 30 days

2 thoughts on “31 day self challenge…

  1. Where I’m from, we have FebFast, where you give up booze for February after the excesses of the silly season. And Dry July has started up too. I can’t bring myself to do it yet, so good luck!


    1. Here the focus is always on smoking, encouraging people to give up but never on drinking (so far ) As i don’t smoke … thought i’d have a go at giving up something i like lots. So far its not been to bad i’ve just been keeping busy then at the end of the day i’m blogging or reading. A nice thing is i’m putting the money i would have spent away so at the end of the month i can have a nice treat. 🙂


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