Misha X Oscar ……16th february 2012

At last ……..

After a very long day of nesting, panting and power napping Misha gave birth to 3 boys and a girl 🙂 all strong and healthy.

It all started Wednesday night with Misha being very restless and continuing the nest for most of the night (nest = scuffing up bedding) so by 5am ish I decided to get up with her as she refused to settle.  By 6.20am Misha had started panting aswell as nesting so I then knew any plans for the day were going to be cancelled.

6am ish 16th Feb

All day she nested, panted and power napped, but by 6pm i was getting concerned as it had been going on over 12hrs (the books say 6 – 12hrs or can be as long as 18hrs  for this stage)  after a quick reassuring call to the vet we decided to let her go as far as 10pm then think about doing something.

At 10.02pm things changed and she started pushing 🙂  the next 5hrs became a blur as she gave birth to firstly a girl then the 3 boys, all were text-book delivery and Misha did it all.

all done 🙂 and looking very content

By 4.30am on the friday we were all settled and very tired and with the impending trip to Vale hospital to collect Titch (Misha daughter from a previous relationship) hubbs and I took it in turns to have a power nap, planning to catch up later in the day.









So now they are here for those interested I’ll keep you updated in their progress over the next 8wks.


Watch this blog 🙂



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