Misha X Oscar Day 51 (nearly 7 1/2wks)

Well firstly I must apologise for leaving the update for so long, let me think back and whats happened so far.

30th January at 5pm we took Misha for her pregnancy scan, which confirmed she is pregnant 🙂  as the vet would not confirm to how many pups she’s expecting he did say she is having ”a good size litter”  🙂









Misha’s appetite has increased 10fold  and we’ve now introduced a light breakfast of either, cooked chicken + rice or scrambled egg.  We now stopped going for walks as she gets quite tired just walking across the room.

5th Feb and now we can see and feel the pups moving.

So here we are day 51, the pups are getting stronger and Misha’s belly is getting bigger 🙂 9 more days and it will be safe for Misha to give birth as pups should be developed enough to be born.  coincidently takes us up to next Wednesday which happens to be my birthday 🙂

Watch this space as not long now 🙂






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