A week of mixed emotions….

This time last week we were nursing our youngest cat Missy, she’d not eaten very well for a few days so was needing lots of TLC.  Couldn’t find a reason for her loss of appetite until whilst drinking some water she coughed out a huge tooth.  Within a few hours of doing this she’d started to pick up and although still not 100% she’s getting there.

''having a sneaky nap in the dogs bed''

Missy being ill reminded me of the heartache we set ourselves up for when taking on a family pet.  I think I’ve got my furbabie family and won’t be having any more.

Saturday I was on a high as I obtained one of my 2012 goals, which was to have one of my photos printed, I did it 🙂

2nd January on a cold but sunny very early morning.

Sunday my gorgeous hubbs started the biggest challenge he’s had in a long time, he’s going to give up drinking.  After 18mths of drinking nearly every day and health issues beginning to show this is it.  So in support, I’ll not be drinking  either  🙂 which I hope will help another goal I set myself for 2012 and that’s to reach my set target by June.

Monday we started our new more organised routine and whilst de.frosting one of the freezers managed to work out a weeks menu using what we had which in turn will mean a low spend week    yipheeee 🙂

I’ll not be updating Misha X Oscar this week as there is no change, so keep your fingers crossed that I’ll have something to report next week.

Here’s wishing you all a great week 🙂

''must be tea time ''