Wet + windy is forcast for today …..

Good morning 🙂

Just sat waiting to see if the rain is going to stop and as soon as it does i’ll make a quick dash to the field with the dogs, although i imagine we’ll still get pretty wet.

Plans for this week are going ok so far,  yesterday the younger 2 children went back to school and appear to have had a good day.  The older 2 had the day at college sorting out timetables and finance. think they are back in on friday to actually enrol then start more full time hours next week.  Seems such a long drawn out process :-/.

My day was more chilled and relaxed after walking the dogs early, but very different this morning with the rain and wind we woke up to, as yet not walked the dogs think we might skip the morning walk and just go out later just before tea.

So on with the days plans, out with my wii fit and to get into some cleaning and decluttering 🙂 i really need to do some decorating but have to declutter big time first.  Bring on e.bay too i think.

not really to keen to go out just yet




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