Lots to do lots to do ….

Yesterday i walked the pups separately, which i think is probably the first time they have been split up for a short time since they were born.  The plan was for me to walk a pup around the block while hubby did some training with the pup remaining and Misha.

The pups were actually better out on the walk than i thought they would be, Tink did her usual crying but not half as bad as she normally did, she continue to stop and watch cars go by.  Titch on the other hand seemed more stressed and continually tried to jump up at me but does walk to heel brilliantly.

At home was a different matter hubby could not get the pups attention and both were quiet stressed as to where the other pup had gone.

Todays plan is to do it all again but i’ll take the opposite pup out first and if the remaining pups is too stressed to do training i’ll do the training when both are home.

Oh no new photo to add to post …. camera out and clicking away all day so that does not happen again 🙂

Hugs to all the furbabies out there xx have a great day


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