Day 2…………

We started some serious puppy training yesterday and came across one or 2 things we didn’t expect.  They all hate being separated from each other 🙂 so that was the first lesson to learn.  The plan was to put 2 dogs in one room while we trained the other together but that wasn’t going to happen.  So one of us sat outside played with  and groomed the 2 and the other went 2 rooms away and tried some training.

Titch went first and after getting used to being shut away from her playmates she soon learned that she was going to get some treats.  Sit was easy and she soon learned down, stay was attempted but she was so full of beans and excited that will have to be added later when she has more concentration.

Tink WOW well what can i say she’s mad …. took me ages to get her attention and once she realize i had food she was megga excited :-/  but with perseverance i managed to get her to sit and go down (even though down sometimes turned into a roll over for tummy rub )  again there was no way she was going to sit and stay !!

Today we’ll attempt to do the same but at some point during the day i’m going to take leads and harnesses out of the draw ….. this will trigger a mad barking session and once they have calmed down i’ll put them away again, desensitization the vet called it.

loving sisters forever

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