Lifes a funny thing…….

This week has just been full of ups and downs….

Tuesday bought news that my cousin and his family  from south africa had arrived in town so was really looking forward to catching up with them.

Wednesday morning we had some very sad news, that my Uncles wife had died in the early hours, such a shock.  My greatest sympathy go out to all the family.

Wednesday evening hubby and i took the dogs for what we hoped was a lovely evening walk.  As we got out the car one of the pups slipped the lead and we both panicked but got her back with in seconds but this started the walk off horribly, this was then followed by a flash downfall and within seconds we were all wet through to the skin.  I had enough i turned and marched us all back to the car.

Once home and all dogs bathed and dried i went off to fat club to discover i had gained a lb :-/ but on the upside we popped to see mum where my cousin and his family were and had a lovely catch up.

Thursday evening brings another very enjoyable evening, my very brave Uncle had organised a big family get together to give my cousin a chance to meet more of the family and he insisted it was still to go ahead.  I must say a very big thank you to my gorgeous Uncle Pat and his family as it was a lovely evening.

And now its friday morning …….

Connor has gone off to school, the pups are sleeping, think i hear hubby stirring and i’m debating on what to do today.  Todays forecast is showers so i’m thinking i might go for the duvet day that i postponed from last week 🙂

Theres a very busy weekend coming up, with my nieces 2nd birthday tea on saturday and a christening on sunday.  So not much chance of a weight loss next week 🙂


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