New milestones…

Last night we reached another milestone ……   my first borns Prom Night.

all dressed up and ready to go

Never seen him look so smart.  I think i may have got a bit carried away and have spent most of the day going through about 250 photos i took, these included some family ones, then collecting Imogen (ciarans girlfriend) then of course everyone arriving at the venue.  I must say it was fantastic to see everyone all dressed up and looking so grown up.  Everyone made a real effort.

So what now for ciarans future…. he has enrolled at the local college and is planning to take 4 A levels.  During the summer he hopes to find a little part.time job so he can give up his daily paper round.

Connor managed to get all the options he chose so starts all new subjects in september.

Both boys hope to be re.united this summer with members of their dads family by visiting them all at the seaside.

What else….

Oh we’re getting forever closer to my sisters wedding and continue to  loose wieght, i’ve managed to loose 21lb now and my sister a fantastic 28lb.  Just another 6wks till   ‘the day’  🙂  Need to go dress shopping very soon.


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