Where does the time go …..

I really can’t believe it’s been a week since i last blogged …….sounds like i’ve just stepped into a confessional 🙂

Well what have i done ……

At last the dieting and slight increase in exercise is showing a bit as on Wednesday at our weigh in both my sister and i had lost 3lb so both happy.  Really need to increase the amount of exercise i’m doing, which i’m sure will be easy enough when i can take the dogs out and make a start sorting the garden.

Talking about walking the dogs, we all went out as a family on saturday for our puppies first walk. 

''whats that over there ??''

The pups actually did really well and i think they enjoyed it.  We met lots of other dogs and everyone that passed stopped to say ‘hello’.  Misha thoroughly enjoyed being out and we let her off lead for a feel of freedom, she loved it.  Sadly the park was still very wet and muddy so the walk was followed a bath.

Saving the best event till last, i’m really pleased to announce my brother and his girlfriend became parents again to a gorgeous little girl, to go with their twin boys.  As yet i’ve not been able to get across town to visit but will being going very soon with camera in hand 🙂

So plans for this week………

some boring appointments to keep at the Dr’s and dreaded dentist 😦

6th form open evening at my son’s school :-/ yet more confusion, although i think he’s knows what he’s doing and how to get there.

Will be taking the pups out again and hopefully start a good regular routine with them.

At last yesterday, i’ve managed to sort and decide on a weekly set menu with matching shopping list but can’t actually start that for a few days as we’re going to eat everything we have in the freezer and cupboards to clear some space.  Doing this i hope to save a bit of money or just generally be more organised.

Feeling like i’m waffling a bit so will say ” see you later ” for now  🙂 might pop back later this evening but definitely be back more often during the week  🙂 🙂

One thought on “Where does the time go …..

  1. Well done with the weightloss! the puppies are really growing fast!
    I am saving about £20 a week on food as I only buy what I need for my weeks menus.
    Like your blog x Dawn


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