New week fresh start (again)

Well yesterday i was on a real down turn due to what the scales told me, so after half hour of moaning and sulking, i picked myself up and sorted it all out.  Did some research and searched my cupboards so i’m now back on the straight and narrow with my diet  🙂

Sadly my down turn of mood seemed to set in for the day and i got very little done, but after a earlyish night i’m bright and bushy-tailed again today already to go.

Main plan is to get some housework chores done, the mountain of ironing keeps falling over so a sure sign it needs doing, the bathroom needs a good clean and if the weather stays dry i need to clear an area on the way out to the back door, but need to clear some space in the shed first :-/.  This all has to be done while watching the 2 small puppies don’t wee and poo where they shouldn’t.

Oh they are so cute but need watching closely, this morning Missy the cat tried to join them for breakfast after eating her own 🙂 pups weren’t impressed.

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