DAY 3 …. started on a low but went out on a high

Well when i woke today i couldn’t believe how ill, tired and run down i felt.  My ankles, calves and back ached as well as a thumping headache. 

So today i missed my Wii workout to give my legs time to recover, instead i baked some bread rolls and cooked the 2 meals that were needed for tea this evening.  I also enjoyed a cuppa whilst watching the puppies play in the garden, well that was untill it started to rain 😦

Despite my low mood i stuck to my new eating plan, which before on previous diets that would have gone right outta the window.

This evening i joined my sister at a slimming meeting :-/ well when they had eventually got their computer sorted we weighed in and i think their scales are off by about 6lb 🙂 but then as my sister and i chatted, i had weighed last on my Wii fit in my pj’s first thing in the morning and having not eaten so perhaps it was only a lb or 2 out but still means i’ve got to stick to this diet 🙂

So this evening with a new vigour i’m trawling the websites and making menu plans.

As i raise my bottled water ….. heres to a new me and my sister 🙂 and all those that have started a new diet.