DAY 1….the start begins

Well today seems to have gone really well.   After the usual hustle and bustle of  getting the boys off to school (re.phrase that as only 1 went, y.son had a poorly tummy). 

I got my Wii fit out and after weighing all 3 cavvies, weighed myself and surprisingly i had lost 4lb since before christmas, this has given me a great boost.  I then went on to do 1/2hr aerobic workout (start slow i say)

With that done and the pups settled down for a morning nap, i did a little admin stuff and then went out to the garden, cleaned up and started moving some of my plant pots as the pups find it fun to chew them.  Today was quite cold and a bit windy so didn’t get as much done as i wanted, but it will still be there tomorrow.

Meals today were a bit of a mix as hubby had been to the dentist, y.son not feeling 100% , o.son ate at school, so i finished off some quiche and salad, which actually fitted in well with my new healthy eating regime.

All in all today has gone ok, the pups are as entertaining as every and really keep me on my toes.  Misha is loving having the 2 of them to play with, but when it gets slightly too much she climbs onto the sofa out of their reach, but then at least they have each other to play with then.

''is there something on my face??''


'' I'm comfy here thanks ..''
I’m feeling very positive, fingers crossed it lasts. 🙂

2 thoughts on “DAY 1….the start begins

  1. Good start , I have been healthy eating and have lost 3 and 1/2 lb’s since Saturday, I have been using the Wii and tonight John is getting my Pilates gym machine out ( had it over a year and used it once) I am determined to use it three times a week , I love those pups how cute!


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