Its taking awhile …………

Can’t seem to get into the right gear and get started this week.  I’ve tidied away christmas apart from the left over chocolates that will hopefully be all gone by monday.  I’m sure the kids will help with that if i ask them nicely.

Monday morning, my new routines will start by following cleaning tasks set by Flyladies group, the cleaning will just happen. 

My sister and i are going to start a new diet and exercise routine, with the help of the wii fit, walking the dogs and Rosemary Conley. 

As time goes on i hope to find slots for helping hubby with decorating several rooms in the house, then when the weather improves the garden and vegetable plot will need tending too.

The future looks good but just taking a day or 2 to get started 🙂

Oh and also have to find time to help my sister plan her wedding for later in the summer.  Busy busy busy.


One thought on “Its taking awhile …………

  1. Hi I have followed the Flylady for a few years and love it, it is just so much common sense really but I get easikly distracted mainly Facebook, Twitter and e-bay! I am also having a de clutter , I hope tou get on ok x Dawn


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