January 2011 is here……..

With the new year here I’ve decided its time to make some changes and start doing all those things I’d like to do or have been saying for ages I’d like to do.

My main focus will be our cavvies, Misha (3yrs) Tink & Titch her daughters that are just over 2mths old.

They as yet still need to have their 2nd injection then we can get out and do some walking 🙂

Last year we experimented with growing our own vegetables, this coming season will plan to improve on what we did last year and even make our little plot bigger.

on going project......

Along the top of the garden needs fencing, we hope to build at least another 2 raised veg beds and also build some compost bins. At some point I’d like a greenhouse but that’s a little further away.

Theres also our families life style, we need to improve on our eating habits, so I’m going to attempt to do more healthy home cooked food from scratch.  We made our own bread a few times last year and really enjoyed making and eating it, so will be improving on that.

I’ve lots of other things I’d like to do, such as card making and at the same time photography and hopefully they will come together.  My sister is getting married this year so i hope to help her with the planning, we are also going to do some get fit and healthy eating together.

As time goes on i hope this blog will improve and grow 🙂