Been awhile i know…..

Life has just been a bit much the last few weeks so haven’t felt much like chatting but now i’m feeling a lot better and got a few things sorted.
The garden/allotment project is doing really well and producing lots of lovely veggies, although sadly for some unknown reason we lost all our iceburg lettuce, they just seemed to go all soggy  need to research why and what i did wrong.  Our tomatoes are all just starting to turn red, the sweetcorn is getting nice and fat, we’ve had loads of courgettes and this week i’m going to make another chocolate and courgette cake but add some carrot too.  Just as i was about to pull up the cucumber plants hubby spotted another growing, they’ve been a bit dissappointing only had 3 small ones so far, but all part of the great learning process and next year they’ll have a nice warm spot in the green house
Planted or should i say sown some late season carrots, more so to see what happens as we did it a week later than it said on the packet  Our peppers too are growing nicely and i might try 1  with my salad for tea tomorow.
As for the kids, i’ve lost count of where we are in the summer break, feels like it must be over soon but probably not so not going to check  Connor has taken on an extra temporary paper round and surprisingly is sticking to it and Ciaran has managed to get 2 punctures in 1 week  so have had to try and teach him some bike mechanic’s  hubby found this to painfull the first time so fixed the problem for Ciaran, the 2nd repair it still waiting
We’ve had 2 trips out for nice long walks recently, taking loads of photos that i’ve yet to download and edit.  One trip was to Painswick, the church yard there has fasinated me for years with their perfectly manicured trees and then today we went to our usual spot, Crickley Hill, this is a glorious walk and surprises me with how different it looks each  time we go there.
This coming week i’m going to set myself 2 tasks, one i’ve already mentioned and thats the chocolate cake then next is to make some more bread, which we haven’t done for a few weeks but really enjoy.  I’d like to attempt some sort or cheesy bread to so will look for a nice easy recipe for that.
Think i’ll call it a day now, still have the night time chores of clearing up the kitchen and loading the washing machine  
Night night