what a great few days…….

Well where do i start, loving this warm weather but with it brings lots of watering of the garden, at the time of day when you just want to sit and chill  nevermind the fruits, well i should say veggies of our labour are growing fast. 
Last sunday we had a family christening, which was a great family get together day.  Hubby and i had the great honour of being god.parents to 1 of the twins.  They are both gorgeous boys and i think they actually enjoyed thier special day too.
Then on wednesday we desided to take a day off from the rat race and took a picnic and Misha up to Crickley Hill
Every time we do this walk the whole scenery changes and at the moment the place is stunning, every where you look theres another new flower, we also came across some wild strawberries, loads of cherry trees and hazelnut trees too.
So aswell as enjoying the fresh air and quite walk, we were bothing clicking away like mad with our camera’s, think we both came away with nearly 100 photos each and only 1 or 2 of Misha  Hubby caught this bee.
The mood in the house at the moment is a little stressed with the kids summer holiday getting for ever closer.  How to entertain teenage children, with very little money and without leaving them plugged into thier x.boxes 24/7???  So searching for cheap days out and thinking of other things to do   Google here i come ……………..

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