This and that catch up ….

Its been a busy couple of weeks so here now to try and catch up.
Max (Misha’s  10mth old pup) came to stay for a week and having the 2 dogs running around kept us both on our toes.
Really getting into baking bread and have done it several times now and started experimenting with shapes and sizes with the dough.  Hubby made the last lot and produced 2 gorgeous mini loaves.  Its so funny the kids can’t get enough of the home made bread.   I did attempt some chocolate muffins, they looked gorgeous but tasted discusting, so will be searching for another recipe to try again.
At last our garden is giving us something back and we’ve had several kilo’s of gorgeous new potatoes and now had 3 servings of the sweetest peas.  I can now feel some tennis ball sized middles in the iceburg lettuces, there are signs of baby cucumbers and courgettes.  One of the tomatoe plants has 3 very small green tomatoes on it and we’ve both had a bowl of strawberries   yummy
Its feels great at last to see it all growing and maturing, my sweet peas having given me a great display of flowers and the scent on them as you come out the backdoor is intoxicating
There is so much more going on in the garden thats just an insight of what we’ve been up to.  The weather has been absolutley boiling which means i’m having to water the garden sometimes twice a day. 
Before i go, i must mention today my oldest son is 15, i’m so proud of him the past few years haven’t been easy for him, having to swap senior schools mid.term and then his dad sending him a letter of rejection but at last he seems to be getting things together.  His grades at school are all A’s and B’s, he’s now be doing an evening paper round every evening for nearly a year, thats on top of the after school groups he attends.  I’m so very proud of him  well done Ciaran my son

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