A day out at the beach

Last week we desided to take a day off and treat ourselves and Misha to a trip to the beach. From our house to the beach is about an hours drive which can be done easily whilst the kids were at school.
We visited a place called Clevedon, such a lovely quiet place and very pretty.  The sea was out and revealed a very rocky pebble beach, full of small rock pools.  Misha ran around and explored, even drank some of the water in the pools and was promptly sick , so we had to try and discourage her as much as possible, not to drink the sea water.We soon realised walking wasn’t easy for Misha as she was slipping every where and we were worried she slip and pull her hip.  So as it was still early enough we desided to drive on the the next town, Weston Super Mare.
As we came into Weston it soon becameobvious that parking was going to be near on impossible due to the big revamp the sea front is having.
Determind to get on a beach we desided to drive on the the next town Brean Sands, only another 30mins so off we went.  The beach was totally dead but for a handfull of cars, as soo as we parked up and let Misha out, she was totally excited and running around like a jack rabbit   The sea was out its furthest by now so we took a walk down the beach to an old ship wreck, a great photo opportunity
So even though our day started a bit stressfull by then end we were totally chilled and enjoyed the day.  Just as we were leaving the sea was beginning to come back in so we took misha into the sea (which was absolutly freezing)  she weren’t impressed.  Next time we’ll go straight to Brean sands.


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