Challenge 1……….. Baking bread rolls

I’ve desided to set myself a challenge, at the moment i’m not sure if it will be a weekly thing or monthly.
Making my own bread has interested me for ages now so i thought i’d start with something easy, a simple plain recipe with easy instructions.  My first port of call for this was to a  friends blog, there i found a recipe for white bread rolls and it looked simple and easy to do.
With every thing meassured and all equipment ready off i set, in went the flour, yeast, salt and sugar, a little stir….. make a well in the middle and in went the liquids, warm water and oil.  Mix  mix mix, finally it all came together ( a bit sticky but together).
Now for the kneading, well not sure what i was doing was called kneading (will check youtube for a demo) for a full 10mins i was meant to do this for, after a very short time my arms began to ache so shouted hubby for some assitance.  The dough was then split into 8 equal portions and left to ‘rise’ and wow they did.  They nearly doubled in size, so in the oven they went……gas 6 (200c) for 15 – 20mins. 
The response from all family members was, hope your going to make more  and i think i will.
Well that was fun, so will be doing it again  the next challenge i  think will again be a baking challenge, i fancy either some sweet or savoury muffins
watch this space

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