Ups and Downs of the weekend ..

Saturday was taken up running around doing chores and playing taxi. 
So i was determined sunday was going to be better, once up and about we desided to take the dogs for a nice walk.  Off we headed, to a mainly flat easy walk as poor Dude is showing his age ( 9yr old staffie) we were about to pull into the parking area which was totally full, we didn’t realise the sunday morning carboot had been moved due to a festival being held all weekend at the race course.  A quick change of plan and we were heading towards one of the pretty parks i town.
Well infact i was really glad we had a change of venue because as we walked around the boating lake we came across 2 swans and thier 4 cignets, so of course i had to sit a take some photos.  Thankfully hubby offered to take dogs off to carry on the walk so they didn’t scare the swans and i was able to click happily away  and away i clicked i could have taken 100’s.
and theres loads more
After such a lovely walk we had a bite to eat and set to work on filling the 2nd veg bed which is taking ages.  Each bucket full is having to be seived and sorted to clear it of rusty nails, glass and weeds and to this very poor soil we’re adding lots of compost in the hope of improving it a little.
Whilst digging and sieving i had some bad news, a cousin had died this morning   sadly i think life had just got to much for her.  I feel she is at rest now after many years of ill health, she has no hurt or pain now and hopefully reunited with her mum and nan who both will be able to take care of her  R.I.P Tracy xx

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