where did the week go………

Here we are its friday already, not that i’m complaning   Sadly we didn’t get as much as we wanted done in the garden  due to several outside interuptions.  I’ve slowly come to terms with the fact dave has become full-time taxi for his daughter, i know, i wouldn’t forgive myself if something happened to her whilst out but its always just as you start to get stuck into something he gets a call .
Anyway on a good note hubby completed the frame work for the 2nd veg bed,  all that we need to do now is dig and sieve some soil to fill it , we’ve  made a start and hope to have it filled over the w.end so i can plant it up with the sweet corn and beetroot thats gagging for some more root space.
Also this week we had our first pea flower open and by today there are loads and even a small pod forming on one.   how sad i am getting excited over some veggies but i love it.  Already planning for bigger and better next summer aswell as keeping my fingers crossed for an allotment
our first pea flower 
This w.end, we have my friends dog staying for a sleepover, Dude is  a gorgeous staffie and Misha just loves him.( shes sleeping on his bed and he’s on her at the moment )   Not sure he’ll be up to a big walk on sunday as he seems to have aged a lot since coming to stay last.  So may just take a small walk around one of the many lovely parks in town, i’m sure i’ll have my camera with me too.

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