3 day w.ends…………

Saturday started of a very lazy day but then at the last minute we desided to take a walk up Crickley Hill which enabled me to enjoy 3 of my favourite things, walking Misha my dog, photography and of course spending some chill time with my hubby.
Crickley Hill is a lovely walk with a mix of open hilly fields and woods.  We tend to stick to the same route and it normally takes about 2hrs at a nice leisurely pace, but today as its been awhile since we visited Crickley we cut a small part off the walk.  Misha as usual enjoyed herself totally, being free to run and play, sadly we didn’t meet many other dogs which is always a treat for her.
With the new season starting Crickley had changed so much since our last visit so both hubby and i were clicking away like mad with the camera’s.    even to the point it began to be a competion, who was going to get the best shot of the day
Sunday, well there were plans to crack on with the garden but by the time we finished playing taxi for the kids, visiting family and shopping there was very little of the day left.  So we ended the day quietly pottering and  lit a bonfire which got rid of a little bit of rubbish and clutter.
Which has now bought us to the 3rd day of the w.end  weather seems overcast and its not very warm.  I started the day with having to read the kids the riot act about being tidy and sitting around all day doing nothing.  Now just waiting to see what hubby feels up to doing before i can make plans  feeling it could be a long week ………….
View from the top of Crickley Hillwalking through the woodslast visit the field had just been ploughedMisha just pausing for a treat

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