Since moving into to our house, all we’ve done in the garden is clear clear and clear more rubbish, with 100’s of bonfires and many more trips to the skip.
At last we can see a clearing and this year we are attempting to grow vegetables.  That has bought its own problems as the soil is very poor and filled with glass, metal and other rubbish not to mention the for ever growing bind weed.  To get around these problems we desided to grow as much veg as we can in either containers or raised beds which have been lined, filled with sieved soil  and fresh compost added.
Soon all the seedlings over took my kitchen window sill and we had to purchased a small mini green house that has been worth every penny.  We’ve managed to build 1 raised bed using recyled bits of wood and have plans to build 2 more (the 2nd should appear this w.end, weather permitting).
So far the veggies we have planted are, peas, green beans, carrotts, cauliflower, salad mix, iceburg lettuce, onions, beetroot, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and  courgettes.  The only veggies i’ve grown before were tomatoes so its all very exciting   This w.end i hope to start off some sprouts, turnips and swede.
Both hubby and i have enjoyed watching it all grow and are amazed how much each veg changes if we miss a day in the garden.  Its been loads of hard work but we’re begining to see some ‘fruits of our labour’ as they say, yesterday i spotted the first flower on the peas mmmmmmmmm can’t wait. 

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